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Who are we?

We are the Youth Committee of the European Choral Association 2022-2024. Our mission is to support the Board of the organisation and give the youth perspective on different topics. Get to know us in this article!

Alba Roorda Martinez

Country: The Netherlands/Spain

“Choral music has always been my biggest passion, so after attending various ECA-events, I’m very excited to now be part of the ECA-family. I’m glad to be able to contribute to a united Europe in the best way I know: by bringing people together in music.”

Anna Bobrikova

Country: Finland/Russia

“Postgrad student at the University of Turku (FI), MSc in physics, in contact with Inter-regional Conductors Association of Children and Youth Choirs of North-West of Russia. Roganova Youth Capella Harmony alumna.”

Augustas Kvedaravičius

Country: Lithuania

“I have lived most of my life surrounded by music and I have seen how little it takes to ignite the biggest flames of passion in a person’s heart. Thus, I believe music is one of the greatest art forms that unites us all in a sense that’s beyond comprehension. Being a member of the new Youth committee draws me closer to my desire to help people around the globe in finding the spark that once ignited me.”

Ben Jacob

Country: Ireland

“I believe a sense of community is one of the most important things to maintain in our modern world, and I know choral music has the power to bring people together. I cannot wait to begin my work with the other committee members over the next three years.”

Joana Costa

Country: Portugal

“Greetings from Portugal! Having been singing in choirs for 10 years, I am currently working as a freelance cultural manager, organising events and managing cultural projects in Portugal and around Europe. Being part of ECA’s Youth Committee is an opportunity to give a voice about the experience of young musicians and managers in this field.”

Kertu Süld

Country: Estonia

“Having been involved in the choral world one way or another for as long as I can remember, I have found a lot of inspiration, friends and joy thanks to our choral movement. Although my background varies from economics, coding and tour guiding to cultural management, marketing and journalism, today I am an active singer, assistant to music festivals, manager of national girls’ choir and a band, as well as secretary of chamber choirs’ society.”

Neris Özen

Country: Turkey

Hi! Greetings from Turkey, I sing proudly with Jazzberry Tunes, I very much like travelling, and I am totally cheerful when some cats are around!?”

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